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Contributing historical content editor: Joan Kark-Wren of Fort Klock Historic Restoration.
An association composed of people dedicated to the continued restoration of Fort Klock as a living history museum and preservation of an important example of early colonial life in upstate New York Colony of the mid 18th century.


Renovation and preservation of this historic place is done with care and concern for architectural and structural integrity as well as presenting an accurate look into the lives of the Klock family that lived here during the French & Indian war and Revolution.

Fort Klock, historic fortified home to the Klock family. Located in western New York colony, 1750.

It's never been a better time to visit the Fort and all of the historic structures in the Mohawk Valley, where history comes alive.

Fort Klock is open seasonally. This year Fort Klock opens in May and closes on Columbus Day. Tours will start up again on Opening Day.

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Fort Klock is located in one of New York State's premier historic areas.  Built by Johannes Klock, 1750, a German Palatine who came to area with the great Palatine migration. He built his fortified home out of locally mined limestone and included defensive Musket Loopholes, in the outer walls, to protect his family, during two 18th century conflicts.

Each season Fort Klock presents a diverse mix of entertaining and educational events. Old favorites, such as the Craft Fair and Folk Music Concert, continue to please audiences. Young Pioneer Days offers kids the chance to step back in time. Colonial living history events provide visitors with a better understanding of the way it was.

Another great season has concluded with our St Nicholas Day. Thank you to everyone who provided the time and effort to bring this event to the public again this year.

2018 proved to be a whirlwind of activity for us. Some annual standard events continue to be favorites by our visitors. The Craft Show, July 4th Celebration and Young Pioneers were very successful and we are happy to bring these to the public each year.

Our Opening Day weekend showcased colonial lifestyles through kids militia musters, demonstrations and many hands-on activities. Vistors got to experience the sights and sounds of 1776 with beer brewing, bread making, weaving, blacksmithing, and open hearth cooking.

Fort Klock, historic fortified home to the Klock family. Located in western New York colony, 1750.
Fort Klock, historic fortified home to the Klock family. Located in western New York colony, 1750.

Young Pioneers raise the flag at the Fort Klock school house.

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Fort Klock Historic Restoration in the Mohawk Valley, New York Colony 1750

Smaller mid-week programs brought in authors, collectors and reenactors who demonstrated and taught us about colonial life in this Mohawk Valley.

For closing weekend we hosted the Interrupted Harvest event. We learned about the devastating raids that took place during the Revolution, and how refugees, both "Patriot" and "Loyalist" would impact local Mohawk Valley communities.

It was a tremendous season. We made some new friends and lost some old friends. Along the way Fort Klock continued to bring its historic long past story of good times and bad, to many new vistors.

See you next spring and have a great holiday!

Thank you to our Donors.

Over these many years since Fort Klock opened its doors to the public, we have been able to stay in operation through the generous donations we receive.

(We recently ran a online funding program to purchase some Queen Anne style Chairs that are appropriate for our historic museum. The Funding goal was met in the first day. We have the chairs and they fit perfectly!    A heartfelt thank you goes out to those donors: Beth Gilgun, John and Carolyn Lull in memory of the Lipe Klock family and in honor of Adam Klock, Johanna Case, Matt Zembo, Joan kark-Wren, Chris Osinski, Craig Miller, Tim Sweeney, Tom Edwards, Kevin Richard-Morrow , Jim Sparks, Steve Gurzler, Sharon Bell, and 3 anonymous donors)


Fort Klock, historic fortified home to the Klock family. Located in western New York colony, 1750.

When you make a donation, you are investing in the continued future of Fort Klock.

Your generous gift will go to good use: from general structure repair, conservation of artifacts, utility, insurance to presenting historic and cultural lectures and programs.

Your monetary donation matters. Please consider a contribution to this historic museum. ( through the mail at:  Fort Klock P.O. Box 42 St. Johnsville NY 13452) or During your visit to the Fort.

The restored homestead, privately owned and operated, is a National Historic Landmark. Our organization is designated as not for profit (501-c-3) and is chartered by the NYS Education Department Board of Regents as an educational institution. We are not State owned, and do not receive operating money from the state.  We do rely on the generosity of the public to keep this private homestead open.

Fort Klock continues to offer a glimpse into the 18th century life of a working farm and fortified homestead in the Mohawk Valley.  Through living history demonstrations and recreated room interiors, interpreters, members and reenactors work to provide a rich educational experience of this important example
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Fort Klock, historic fortified home to the Klock family. Located in western New York colony, 1750.