Fort Klock Historic Restoration in the Mohawk Valley, New York Colony 1750

Blacksmith Gathering and Hammer –In
May 19th & 20th, 2018 7214 NY 5, St. Johnsville, NY 13452
Blacksmithing Competitions

This year we plan 3 contests:
The contests are intended to display proficiency in controlled hand forging. All contests will use a coal or charcoal forge, with a hand – actuated blower or bellows. This is a solo completion, no helpers or fire tenders allowed. Power tools will not be permitted in the contest. The Fort may have a couple of forge set-ups available. Contestants should bring their own portable forge set up if possible. Contestants should provide their own tooling, hammer, and tongs. Stock will be provided. Some coal is available.
Saturday Afternoon 130 PM
1. One heat drawing out contest. Smiths will be provided a marked 18 inch long bar of ½ inch square mild steel. The mark will be 8-inches from one end. The mark must remain untouched on the finished bar. The smith will take one heat, without burning the bar, and draw the end out in a square cross section to the longest possible length. Maximum forging time 3 minutes. No limit on heating time. Greatest length drawn out square wins.

2. S-hook production. Contestants will forge s-hooks from ¼-inch square mild steel. The standard hook s 6 inches long, outside dimensions, with 1-inch inside diameter hooks on each end. The hooks terminate in rat-tail ends, and the hook will have a 1&1/2 turn centered twist. A completed hook includes an attempt at all required elements. Contestants will forge as man hooks as possible in 30 minutes. Scoring will be as follows:

a. Completed hook - +5 Points
b. More than ½ inch over or under sized -1 Point
c. Hooks ½ inch over or under sized -1 Point
d. Bad twist -1 Point
e. Missing rat-tail end -1 Point
f. Symmetrical hook +1 Point
g. Smooth finish +1 Point
Sunday Afternoon 130 PM
3. Smiths will have 1½ hours to forge a ladle with a drawn out handle. Stock will be provided, 1X1/4 inch by 8 inch long mild steel. Ladles shall be constructed using only the stock provided. Scoring will be as follows:
a. Completed ladle that holds water 3 Points
b. Handle minimum 8 inches long 2 Points
c. Each additional 2 inches of handle 1 Point
d. Highest capacity ladle 1 Point
e. Smooth, quality forging 1 pointThere will be Prizes, categories to be determined depending on number of entrants.
Contact Steve Gurzler at to sign up or get information
There will be smithing demonstrations and open forge time
Lunch (burgers, etc.) will be available for purchase
Tent camping space is available in the open fields at Fort Klock

Fort Klock, historic fortified home to the Klock family. Located in western New York colony, 1750.


P.O. Box 42 St. Johnsville NY 13452