Born June 3, 1930, in Amsterdam, NY of German ancestry on both paternal and maternal sides with a little English and Scottish thrown in. My family consists of one son and daughter-in-law, four grandchildren, one brother and sister-in-law, and one nephew.

From a very early age have been engaged in collecting, preserving, restoring, and stewarding all forms of Mohawk Valley heritage—artifacts, sites, stories, and people.

In 1948 married to Ethel Nellis of Stone Arabia, also a descendant of Palatines.

Have a deep interest in the land. Worked on the Nellis farm for ten years.

For a few years secretary of a small fire insurance company was founded in the Town of Palatine in 1854.

One of the founders and first president of a group of local people who dedicated themselves to the preservation of fast-deteriorating Fort Klock near St Johnsville in 1954. Fort Klock and the surrounding complex are now one of the very few national landmarks in Montgomery County.

For 28 years directed and helped restore the 18th Century Brower-Loucks-Dunn farm property in Stone Arabia.

Participated in the restoration of the Windfall Dutch barn at Salt Springville. The first chairman of trustees of Salt Springville Community Restoration

Restored the Conrad Kilts farm at Stone Arabia which includes a Dutch barn, Circa 1840 Greek Revival house, summer kitchen a relocated 18th Century house, and a relocated building used as a shoe shop. One of the founders of Stone Arabia Preservation Society.

Trustee of Canajoharie Library and Art Gallery.

Supporter and friend of the Stone Arabia Amish community.

Authored various newspaper articles and historical narratives.

PS for Charles It’s not important what I think I’ve done.

It is important what others think I have.

I wrote this for Charles Clark when I received the 2008 Liberty Bell Award from the Montgomery County Bar Association.

Who is Skip Barshied?