Fort Klock Restoration, A Fortified Stone Homestead in the Mohawk River Valley of Upstate New York

Thunderhawk Living History School is an interactive Living History program for people of all physical abilities from ages 6 upwards. They depict how life was for people in the 1700's on the North Eastern Coast of the New World from the perspective of both the Native American Indians, the fur traders, the Highlanders, European settlers and Rogers Rangers, who were the origin of what the Special Forces are today.

Everyday objects, seasonal foraging and hunting plus many other objects that would be found or used as trade during that time are used and taught about during each lesson. They feel this really helps give everyone a better connection to a living history experience.

Thunderhawk Guides possess the quality of being able to communicate in ways with both young and old alike so people feel relaxed in their company.

The Guides have an incredible wealth of knowledge ranging from native hunting and foraging, tool making, cooking, family systems, drums and rattles, weaponry, weaving, flint knapping, and warfare.

Melanie Sawyer is the star of The HISTORY Channel's series "Alone"

She is a living historian, forager of food, and teacher of traditional skills.


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